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Big Jeff's New Crupi

A big presence on the USA BMX Series for more than two decades has partnered with an iconic brand to reignite its place in the BMX world. Jeff Upshaw, a coach, personal trainer, role model, and 35-year-old Vet Pro, rolled into Louisville on top of a new race rig with a familiar logo across the down tube.

Greg and Rachel Swingrover were at the helm at Crupi's peak, and they aren't going anywhere as the brand looks to make its resurgence into race day pits around the BMX community.

"Crupi is a BMX Racing Company; pure and simple! The company was started to create better BMX racing components and after 37 years, Crupi is still focused on BMX Racing components exclusively! Lots of other BMX companies have branched out into other areas of cycling but Crupi has remained pure to its roots. We are 100% focused on BMX Racing and our products will prove what our dedication is all about." - Via"

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