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A Look Back at the BMX Box Car takeover

Some fun and exciting moments graced the 2022 season. However, none were more entertaining than watching the fastest BMX Racers take on the race track at the top of the Box Car Derby Headquarters.

Write up from July 4th weekend

"Kicking off the weekend a day early, Akron BMX and the Box Car Derby Headquarters welcomed the Pro class to the top of Derby Downs for a fantastic night of box car racing. In a single-elimination bracket, these pros got competitive QUICK. Wanting certain cars on specific lanes, modifying their race helmets to be more aerodynamic, trash talking to their competitors, all while having a great time on top of the hill! As the bracket dwindled to the championship round, it was Rookie Pro Nick Adams taking top honors, with Smilin' Carly Kane coming in for a close second. With a night of fun in the books for these racers, the stage was set for two days of pro-action around Akron BMX."

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